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At Grand Teton Chiropractic, we combine state-of-the-art technology and equipment with traditional chiropractic treatments to deliver holistic health care with a personal touch. After providing a comprehensive evaluation and consultation, we empower patients to make intelligent choices about their own healthcare.

Many people do not realize the wide range of conditions that can be treated effectively through traditional chiropractic care.

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These prices are the standard prices used in our practice. Actual pricing may vary depending on insurance.

Full Body Adjustment


Head, shoulders, knees, and toes; our full body adjustment provides relief from top to bottom for the greatest satisfaction.

1-2 Region Adjustment


Quick, easy, and perfect for a budget. Our 1-2 region adjustment can really satisfy that one spot- or two.



Whether you are determining the severity of a new injury or checking up on an old injury, it never hurts to know.

Electric Stimulation Therapy


Built for muscle relief, E-Stim can dig deep to relieve muscle tension with a variety of techniques, allowing for ultimate relaxation.

Ultrasound Therapy


Not just for imaging, these ultrasound therapy waves can provide deep relief to injured and tight muscles.

Heat Therapy


The perfect companion to an adjustment and E-Stim, heat therapy helps your muscles relax correctly.

Red Light Laser Therapy


Red light laser therapy activates fuel production in cells to make your cells, tissues, organs, and body work more efficiently.

Foot Detox


A foot detox can tell you a lot about your body, whether it’s your kidneys, liver, heavy metal toxins, or otherwise.

Traction Therapy


Sometimes a good stretch isn’t enough, traction therapy can help loosen tension from the neck to the lumbar.