Chiropractic Adjustments

Our focus is on patients receiving high-quality chiropractic adjustments in many different techniques including:

  • Diversified (manual/hands-on adjustments)
  • Activator/Tool assisted
  • Percussor method
  • Laser frequency
  • SOT-blocking method
In addition to our quality chiropractic services, we also offer the following adjunct services:

  • Therapy Services-e-stim, ultrasound, intersegmental traction, etc.
  • Exercises Protocols-customized exercises for particular needs
  • Electrical Pollution Sensitivity Testing-Is your cellphone robbing your energy?
  • De-Tox Treatments-EB PRO footbath to get the "junk out" --Toxins released
  • Laser Treatments-joints, muscles, cells & even emotions treated
  • Orthotics-customized orthotics for healing and arch support
  • Hair Analysis-adrenal, thyroid function and heavy metal toxicity
  • In-office STORE-ergonomic pillows, braces, TENS units, nutritional products