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How does an Ionic Footbath Help?

At Grand Teton Chiropractic, P.C. we utilize an Erchonia Brand, EB-Pro Detox unit for helping the body naturally detox itself. Check out the video below as Dr. Gardner explains how it works.

  • Supplementation/Nutritional
  • Ionic Footbaths

The important point to remember about ionic detoxification is that it helps the body to free up its red-blood cells to do their job better–thus allowing for normal detoxification to occur by freeing up the bodies transport mechanism. Getting oxygen into the cells and getting out carbon dioxide and toxins is the goal of freeing up red blood cells to function better. Interestingly, the majority of detoxification after a detox session occurs over the next 24 hours in the liver, kidneys and skin/sweat. The color of the water during, or after the ionic footbath is less important than the affect the session has on freeing up red-blood cells to do their job.

People often wonder how many sessions, of the detox footbaths, they should do. The answer is IT DEPENDS. However, a guideline to consider is a minimum of 5, but potentially as many as the age of that person. The company recommends 10 sessions; however I’ve found the initial 5 to be most important–which is why I sell the sessions in packages of 5 for $150. A chiropractic friend of mine has his patients do the detox sessions for the number equal to their age. This seems like a lot of sessions; however, when considering the low cost of doing this and the potential benefit for people in chronic pain, it’s well worth the time, effort and money. So, the answer to how many sessions depends on the patients health goals. Give us a call and we can start you on this fabulous method of detoxing your body right away! We all need it!