September 2019 Patient of the Month

Congratulations to ERIC WINSTEAD

September 2019 Patient of the month


Here’s what Eric had to say about Grand Teton Chiropractic: “I was working on a home project that involved digging and I thought I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  The pain would come and go, sometimes barely tolerable.  I stubbornly carried the pain until finally I had had enough!  I found great reviews for Dr. Gardner online and thought I would give him a try.  Dr. Gardner quickly assessed that my hip was out of place and one leg was 1 1/2 inches shorter that the other.  So I was out of alignment, not reinjuring a muscle!  A few minutes after he aligned me, I felt my hip go back in place.  I felt the pain I had been living with everyday for 9 months disappear!  Within a month the pain was virtually gone.  It’s been wonderful being able to go back to the gym and get my body back in shape.  It’s great to walk without pain.”

Thanks Eric.  We appreciate your kind words and dedication to take care of yourself.