November 2019 Patient of the Month

Congratulations to KJ PORTER and RILEY GRIFFIN

November 2019 Patients of the Month

Patients of the month

This is what KJ had to say bout Grand Teton Chiropractic:

“I came into to see Dr. Gardner for intense tightness in my shoulder, neck and hip, along with headaches.  I now have less tension headaches and better posture. Dr. Gardner’s care has allowed me to workout again.  Routine adjustments keep me loose and flexible.  The greatest benefit is the knowledge I’m always going to see a smiling face and have and uplifting conversation when I see Dr. Gardner?”

Riley added: “I had intense headaches, neck and back pain.  When I see Dr. Gardner regularly, my headaches are less frequent, I have better posture and an awesome experience every time!”

Thank you KJ and Riley!  We love having you as patients at Grand Teton Chiropractic.