November 2016 Patient of the Month

Patient of the Month for November 2016:

Sean Kuipers

Why I came into Dr. Gardner's Office for care:

I came into Dr. Gardner's office with tight hamstrings- leading to multiple muscle pulls, hip pain, and a sore/tight lower back.  The pain was limiting my ability to exercise and live comfortably.  I wanted natural care and treatment, which lead me to Dr. Gardner.

Benefits Received from coming in:

I have gotten relief in my hip and back, even though progress seems very subtle.  I have been able to return to sprinting, weight lifting and exercising comfortably after a couple of months of treatment.  I also appreciate being able to discuss other factors such as gut health with Dr. Gardner.  I'm looking forward to more improvements in posture while at work and home.  I feel very welcome and cared for at Dr. Gardner's office.  Thank You!  –Sean Kuipers–