May 2014 Patient of the Month

May 2014 Patient of the Month: Tami Barber

It was September of last year. My right knee began bugging me. It was difficult to straighten and bend it. I thought it was my old ski injury acting up so I went to the physical therapist. A few times it helped but mostly the pain and rigidity increased. During that couple of weeks of therapy, the symptoms advanced into my left leg, my hips, hip flexors, shoulders and upper back. It wasn’t the ski injury. I went to my previous chiropractor. But sustained relief did not come there either.  I hurt and it was getting worse.

I became nearly helpless. My family helped me get into the shower, put my clothes on, and tied my shoes. It was difficult to open jars, cupboards, and toothpaste, to sit down and to stand up. I used crutches to drag myself around. My husband lifted me in and out of the car and in and out of bed.  But not being able to lift my legs or to use my arms, I became terrified to be lying in bed. Once in, it was impossible to move my body. I felt trapped, paralyzed. I slept sitting up on the couch, with a stack of cushions on my lap where I laid my head. I hurt constantly.

 My physical therapist referred me to a physical medicine doctor.  He drew blood.  He called me that night. The test results revealed high inflammation. Normal range is 0-5. Mine was 25! His diagnosis was PMR: Polymylasia Rhuematica, an autoimmune disease. It is the inflammation of muscle tissue.  I took the prescribed 30 mg of Prednisone. Within 2 hours, my body didn’t hurt, I could move.  I had a full nights sleep in my bed. It had been a long 4-5 weeks.

The doctor referred me to an arthritis specialist. He confirmed the diagnosis.  He reduced the daily mg of Prednisone. In January, he added Methotrexate to my routine while gradually tapering off Prednisone.

But I continued with a mental struggle. I was grateful to have medicine that enabled me to function, but I wanted to be off of it as soon as possible. Prednisone and Methotrexate do horrible things to your body. And why did I have so much inflammation? The prescriptions were merely taming the symptoms. What was actually causing them? I looked for credible sources of information on PMR and causes of autoimmune diseases. I searched for natural and safer ways to reduce inflammation.  I decided to use alternative medicine.

 I hobbled into Dr. Gardner’s office 3 months ago. I chose him because he complimented his adjustments with other methods of health care.  I was still decreasing my medication and some of my symptoms had returned.  I hurt and I was living in a brain-fog. My eyes, posture, and countenance showed it.  He was so compassionate as I recounted my story to him. I cried. I just wanted to get better. He felt that I needed to bring my whole body into better health. We agreed to fix me from the inside out, nutritionally, to put my body in a healthy state. My Zyto scan showed 61 biomarkers that were “out of range”.  My heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, parathyroid gland, and stomach were the worst. I started with 5 supplements and with removing sugar, milk, and gluten from my diet.

I had twice-a-week adjustments, sometimes with the E-stem machine and/or the cold laser. He was (and is) always encouraging and positive about my progress. I learned about the vital connection between nerve health and organ health.  I also had massages from Sara. She released my muscle pain and toxins and gave me mental peace.  I feel they were fundamental in my recovery. I also chose to have the footbaths to clean my blood and detox my body. In 2-3 weeks I was feeling amazingly better.  The pain had subsided and was able to move freely. I was happy!

I am continuing my treatment plan with Dr. Gardner. My last Zyto scan shows dramatic improvement and I am only on a supplement to finish cleansing my liver. I’ve had a few health-hiccups along the way but I am able to work in my yard, spring houseclean, exercise and even shower and dress myself-and I am grateful! –Tami Barber