July 2018 Patient of the Month

Congratulations to SHANKARA VENEZIO, July 2018 Patient of the Month!  


Here’s what Shankara had to say about Grand Teton Chiropractic:

 “I had never been to a chiropractor before and a sprained muscle in my neck sent me on my way to my first chiropractic adjustment.  It was kind of a scary thought having my neck be the focal point on my care…we have all seen the movies!  I could not be more satisfied with my care though.  It had been fantastic!  I came here with a pain level of 9 or 10, almost no movement of my neck, never being able to get comfortable.  After my first visit, the pain subsided to a 5 or 6 and became more occasional rather than constant.  With each visit, my pain level became less and my movement improved until I felt like myself again.  I came here with the expectation of finding some relief from the neck pain I was experiencing.  Not only was my neck adjusted and healed, so was my shoulders and back and everything else!  Dr. Gardner really cares about his patients and their health and he has been so great at helping me heal!  Now that my care is coming to an end, I feel better than I did before I was injured.  He has made me feel like a new human!  I am so grateful for him and his staff for everything!  They are great people!”