December 2021 Patient of the Month

December 2021 Patient of the Month

Congratulation to Laura as our December patient of the Month!

Here is what Laura has to say about us;

I was experiencing extremely bad headaches, neck, shoulder, back tension and pain. Along with the pain also came dizziness. All the medical tests I did, kept coming back normal.

I went to Grand Teton Chiropractic and met with Dr. Gardner. Dr. Gardner. saw me, gave me an evaluation and presented to me a treatment plan.

After regular adjustments, and therapy visits with Dr. Gardner my dizziness is gone and my headaches are extremely rare. My pain and tension have subsided and my neck has more mobility. I have noticed that I have overall more mobility, more energy, and more ability to do daily tasks with ease.

Thank you Laura for your kind words. We love having you as a patient!